post-stroke speech therapy support group

Speaking Up! Advantages of a Post-Stroke Speech Therapy Support Group

Seniors who have experienced stroke, deal with various after-effects. Speech, swallowing and communication problems affect a substantial percentage of people who have had a stroke. What are some of the plusses a senior can get from joining post-stroke speech therapy support group? Some people with speech issues due to stroke, recover within a few hours…

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Short-Term Rehab Easing the Transition from Hospital to Home

Short-Term Rehab: Easing the Transition from Hospital to Home

A hospital stay is almost always a difficult event, especially for an older person. But going home is not necessarily much easier. There may be postsurgical wounds to care for, a new diet to implement, new medications to manage, and follow-up appointments to make — and keep. In many cases, the home must be retrofitted…

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