Eye Stroke in Seniors, Vision Problems and Neuroplasticity - the amazing eye and brain

Eye Stroke in Seniors, Vision Problems and Neuroplasticity

What is eye stroke in seniors? The basic event of stoke occurs when due to a blockage, part of the brain does not get an adequate supply of oxygen. The RNIB explains that if that blockage affects the part of the brain which is responsible for eyesight, then a person’s sight can be affected.  …

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post-stroke speech therapy support group

Speaking Up! Advantages of a Post-Stroke Speech Therapy Support Group

Seniors who have experienced stroke, deal with various after-effects. Speech, swallowing and communication problems affect a substantial percentage of people who have had a stroke. What are some of the plusses a senior can get from joining post-stroke speech therapy support group? Some people with speech issues due to stroke, recover within a few hours…

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Healthy Weight Week - and a healthy lifestyle

It’s A Senior Decision: Healthy Weight Week and Orthopedic Rehab

Since this week is National Healthy Weight Week, let’s take a look at seniors and weight loss. We all know how maintaining a healthy weight affects one’s overall health. How does it affect orthopedic rehab?   Getting Inspired by National Healthy Weight Week This year, National Healthy Weight Week runs for 7 days between January…

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