Tips for Seniors: Boosting the Immune System

This week’s article is dedicated to the hardworking staff in all long-term rehabilitation and care facilities. In the light of the sensitive situation in the world, let’s focus on how we can succeed in boosting the immune system. Three cheers for seniors and their families who focus on boosting their immune system!   Begin Boosting…

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Alzheimer’s Care: Slow or Rapid Progression of Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is considered a progressive disease. While medicine can’t stop the disease from progressing, it can slow the damage and help control the symptoms. This article discusses the rate of change. Being aware of the rate of progression can be a tool to understand how well the patient is. Certain symptoms can be a red…

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doctor for post-acute rehab

Finding the Right Doctor: For Post-Acute Rehab

What are we looking for in a doctor for post-acute rehab? What motivates us to select a particular doctor? What makes that choice the ‘right’ doctor?   Let’s take a look at the way we choose our doctors. Often, people are limited in which doctor they can use. The limitations might be: Geographical Financial Lack…

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