Respite Care: Caring for the Caregiver

Respite Care Caring for the CaregiverThe holidays are over, and you’re exhausted. It’s not because of the cooking, or the shopping, or even the extra five pounds you put on.
It’s because during what should have been a busy but festive season, the extra task of taking care of Mom pushed you beyond your usual feelings of guilt and stress.

You’re not alone. According to an AARP report, nearly 40 million Americans provide care for an older adult, usually a relative; nearly half of them admit they are “somewhat stressed,” and over one-third admit to being “highly stressed.” Caregivers usually provide their services for free, but when stressed, they may pay an unexpectedly heavy price themselves: burnout.

Caregivers are often caring for an older relative while also being a spouse and parent. The increasing — and increasingly urgent — demands of an aging relative often causes them to put the needs of their spouses and children on the back burner. In fact, they commonly neglect their own care in favor of caring for their loved ones, leaving them subject to high levels of stress —  and high incidences of depression and chronic illness.

The medical community even has an unoffical diagnosis for this: Caregiver Syndrome.

What can you do to prevent Caregiver Syndrome? The Cleveland Clinic recommends that caregivers avail themselves of respite care as a method way to keep caregivers healthy. By allowing their loved one short stays in a well-run facility, the caregiver is able to take the time they need to recharge their own batteries.

At Laurel Bay Health and Rehabilitation Center, in the scenic beach town of Keansburg, NJ, we offer respite care that includes three delicious, healthful meals a day, stimulating and entertaining recreational programs, and the opportunity for your loved one to enjoy social interaction with their peers.

Our respite program allows a caregiver to tend to their needs at the same time that their loved one is receiving everything they need, body and soul, in a warm and compassionate environment.

If you are a caregiver, remember that you also need to take care of yourself. Do it in a way that won’t leave you feeling guilty about Mom by coming to Laurel Bay.

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