Promote Healing of Wounds in Seniors – Putting 7 Ideas ‘On Stage’

How do we promote healing of wounds in seniors?

In senior patients, a chronic wound can become very serious if it is not treated in time.

Wounds that do not heal within 3 months are called ‘chronic wounds.’ Seniors can acquire chronic wounds from illnesses such as diabetes, traumatic skin injury, burns, and ulcers due to lack of movement or sensation.

Enjoy an entertaining read. Here are some ideas for seniors to achieve a smoother road to healed wounds.


Drumrolls, Please – It’s time to Promote Healing of Wounds in Seniors

The doctor or nurse will take the lead part in terms of giving instructions for the healing process. But you too can have a starring role.

Let’s look at some things that can help wounds in seniors heal faster.


  1. Avoid things that put toxins into you body.

For example, smoking. Reduce or decide to give it up completely. You can give yourself an Academy Award for Healing.


  1. Continued care.

Continue to care fully for underlying diseases while treating the wounds. Give yourself a Medicinal Oscar.


  1. Exercise to get the blood flowing around the body.

Ask the doctor which type of exercise is good for you. For some people it might be swimming and for others a walk in the sunshine. You can exercise while sitting in a chair and even while lying in a bed. Give yourself the ‘Healthywood’ Supporting Exerciser Award.


  1. Clean with care.

Cleanse wounds with water or saline, but not antiseptic creams. Not using certain creams will actually help you to heal faster. Give yourself a Non-Performing Artist award.


  1. Warmth can help wounds to heal.

Maintain clean dressings on wounds. You may notice that medical staff try to change dressings quickly. One reason for this is to avoid the slowing of the healing process though the area cooling down. For this you can give yourself the Best Dressed Actor Award.


  1. Eat properly.

Aim to eat food that is rich in protein. Enjoy fruit and vegetables that are high in Vitamin C. You can give yourself a Cinematography Award!


  1. Medicines to Avoid.

Avoid medications that will slow down the healing process. These include anticoagulants, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and other drugs such as immunosuppressive agents. Ask the doctor which medications are best to avoid in the interim until the wounds are healed. Give yourself the Overall Best Production Award.


Healing Wounds with Medicine and Humor

So, you see healing for chronic wounds is quite a serious issue, but you can inject some humor along with all that medical input. To promote healing of wounds in seniors follow the doctor’s instructions and see where you can help the process along its way. Happy healing.


promote healing of wounds in seniors

Just to inspire you…an inspiring image of a great big gym! Seniors need to know that one can promote healing of wounds in seniors through exercising. Each person should exercise as their doctor recommends, in a way that is confortable and suitable for their age and health.





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