Finding the Right Doctor: For Post-Acute Rehab

What are we looking for in a doctor for post-acute rehab?

What motivates us to select a particular doctor?

What makes that choice the ‘right’ doctor?


Let’s take a look at the way we choose our doctors.

Often, people are limited in which doctor they can use. The limitations might be:

  • Geographical
  • Financial
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of awareness
  • Shortage of doctors

Obviously, there is little we can do about some of those factors. However, a person should endeavor to do whatever is in their control to find a good doctor.


doctor for post-acute rehab

The way to choose doctor for post-acute rehab is to wheigh up all the factors and make a sensible and practical desicion.


A Doctor For Post-Acute Rehab

When a person is looking into a doctor for post-acute rehab, they have already travelled somewhat of a journey.

An acute medical situation, such as stroke, or a heart attack, or major surgery, caused the person to be hospitalized. A senior who has suffered an acute medical challenge, wants the best care to recover. They will often choose to stop off in a rehab center for as long as necessary to optimize their recovery. Ideally, the senior will recover enough in order to return home. They might need physical therapy or occupational therapy or even speech therapy. That could be acquired on an in patient or out patient basis, depending on individual needs.

So, who decides which senior goes where and which senior needs which treatments?

A seniors needs a good doctor, with special attributes!


Which Attributes Should a Doctor for Post-Acute Rehab Have?

This is not first time that people are discussing a wish list for ‘good doctors’  . We want a doctor for post-acute care to have some or all of these qualities:

  1. Knowledge and experience: A rehab nurse needs to study  for 4-6 years, plus there are continuous in-service training courses. A doctor will be expected to have more several years of study and training, including having worked as an intern for a number of years. Other than academic knowledge and experience, people expect a doctor to know about the latest technology.
  2. Gentle nature and supportive: We expect a doctor who works with seniors to be gentle and sensitive. Patients and their families should be able to look forward to going to the appointments. Not dread an appointment. A doctor for post-acute rehab, like the rest of us, needs to develop an ability to generate a positive energy.
  3. An ability to accept responsibility: He/she should be able and willing to help make medical and practical decisions.
  4. Determination: The doctor’s determination is what can inspire a patient to make progress in recovery in leaps and bounds. A doctor also has to have a tough skin in order to push the patient’s needs forwards so that they should be met by applicable sources.
  5. Information about where to refer a patient to for further care: There are many topics in this category. Learning about the various types of care available for seniors. Medicare and Medicaid coverage. Local rehab centers – and which are best for which therapies and recovery procedures.



Ways to Find Out About Which Doctors are Good for You

There are a few options.

Firstly, you can ask your local primary care physician if he knows of the doctor.

Secondly, look in relevant publications, hardcopies and digital.

Thirdly, search online for references. Ask to speak to prior patients.

Fourthly, and not to be discounted, ask among family members.


Some recommend visiting the doctor to get a first hand impression. Read an in-depth article about choosing a good doctor.


Dr. Right – the Right One for Each Person

Individuals need to consider their health plan and so on. After the practical details we mentioned at the start of the article, a person will go with the feel of whether they are comfortable with that location for rehab. They will decide based on whether they think the doctor will be the right one   to help them achieve the best possible recovery.


Sitting on the Other Side of the Desk

It is important to note how doctors work hard. Of course, we do. But sometimes a senior notice that your doctor went out of his or her way, and they benefitted. It is more than being kind to take the time to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’.


The Last Word

So, as far as choosing a doctor for post-acute rehab goes the choices are open to an extent. People usually look at getting good value for money. However in this case, seniors are looking for getting a good recovery for their money.

I guess you could say that you hope for a doctor for post-acute rehab who is worth his weight in golden-years recovery!






Image by Darko Stojanovic from Pixabay

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