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Eye Stroke in Seniors, Vision Problems and Neuroplasticity - the amazing eye and brain

Eye Stroke in Seniors, Vision Problems and Neuroplasticity

What is eye stroke in seniors? The basic event of stoke occurs when due to a blockage, part of the brain does not get an adequate supply of oxygen. The RNIB explains that if that blockage affects the part of the brain which is responsible for eyesight, then a person’s sight can be affected.  …

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Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week honors those born with a heart defect and all of the families and friends touched by children with heart defects. This is also the time for recognizing those who care for children and adults born with heart defects, as well as researchers and other heart experts.

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types of coughs in seniors - coughs are the bodys natural cleansing system

Types of Coughs in Seniors: “Pardon me, I have a cough!”

What types of coughs are prevalent in seniors? What can a cough tell us about a person’s health? When discussing types of coughs in seniors, we can try to simplify the categories. Coughs come from so many causes. However, the common denominator between all coughs, is that the body is trying to expel something it…

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post-stroke speech therapy support group

Speaking Up! Advantages of a Post-Stroke Speech Therapy Support Group

Seniors who have experienced stroke, deal with various after-effects. Speech, swallowing and communication problems affect a substantial percentage of people who have had a stroke. What are some of the plusses a senior can get from joining post-stroke speech therapy support group? Some people with speech issues due to stroke, recover within a few hours…

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Healthy Weight Week - and a healthy lifestyle

It’s A Senior Decision: Healthy Weight Week and Orthopedic Rehab

Since this week is National Healthy Weight Week, let’s take a look at seniors and weight loss. We all know how maintaining a healthy weight affects one’s overall health. How does it affect orthopedic rehab?   Getting Inspired by National Healthy Weight Week This year, National Healthy Weight Week runs for 7 days between January…

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It’s Thyroid Awareness Month!

The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of the neck. Although relatively small, the thyroid plays a huge role in the body, influencing the function of many important organs, including the heart, brain, liver, kidneys, and skin. Talk with your healthcare provider about whether your thyroid is healthy and functioning properly.

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National Blood Donor Month - bring light to someones life this January

National Blood Donor Month: Can Seniors be on the Giving End?

Since it is the first month of the year, many people are still trying to keep their New Year resolutions. Some people decided that this year they are really going to do something to help others. One way, perhaps, is by donating blood during National Blood Donor Month. For those of us who are allowed…

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a visually impaired or blind senior in short-term rehab

A Visually Impaired or Blind Senior in Short-Term Rehab

World Braille Day occurs on January 4th each year. In honor of this, let’s examine short-term rehab from the angle of a blind person. A  visually impaired or blind senior in short-term rehab would experience everything differently to a seeing person. Diseases that can cause blindness  often affect seniors. Of course, there are actions a…

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promote healing of wounds in seniors

Promote Healing of Wounds in Seniors – Putting 7 Ideas ‘On Stage’

How do we promote healing of wounds in seniors? In senior patients, a chronic wound can become very serious if it is not treated in time. Wounds that do not heal within 3 months are called ‘chronic wounds.’ Seniors can acquire chronic wounds from illnesses such as diabetes, traumatic skin injury, burns, and ulcers due…

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Safe Holiday Travel with Alzheimer’s

Holiday time is vacation time for many families. But if your family includes someone who has Alzheimer’s, you’ll need to do a little extra planning. These 6 tips will help you make your vacation both fun and safe for everyone. Be realistic. Your loved one with Alzheimer’s needs extra downtime, so plan your travel and…

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